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If you are looking to transform your relationship with food, reduce + better manage your stress, or need an overhaul on improving your overall wellness... I got you!


Create a solid foundation for a more mindful eating habit to form. Take control of your eating experiences in this 5 day 'sneak peek' 

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Mini-Mindful Reset

Hit the reset button with this whole body approach to boost your mind, body + soul


5 day Self-love email challenge to help you break free from that negative place and feel fulfilled and optimistic for the future

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let's upgrade your life!

Your Life is Waiting!


Taking the first step toward change is often the hardest thing to do!

I get it, it can be overwhelming and scary, and leave you feeling uncertain of where to start.

My goal is to inspire you.

I want to encourage, motivate, support & guide you through a journey to transform your lifestyle; to help you become the very best version of yourself you can be, and to help you not just reach your goals, but

exceed your own expectations!

I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through AFPA and I also have BS in Health Sciences. I work to integrate intuitive eating with nutrition therapy to facilitate more meaningful behavior change for all of you who are tired of riding the "diet train" and want to learn how to nourish, move, and create improved balance without diet mentality. I will work to guide you to regain the trust you thought you'd lost in your own body again while also aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and 

behaviors with the desire to feel better. I also offer personalized plans to help you heal your relationship with food and your body so you can actually enjoy your food again!

Start with a FREE Discovery Session where we will work to uncover and identify the areas you struggle the most! Or, feel free to peek my Journey to Better Health programs to see if one fits your needs. I offer many free resources including a wellness newsletter and a free Mindful Eating program. I also work 1:1 in private coaching sessions on a more focused area of your life.

Live. Inspired

with jessimarie

Stop living for the diet + reclaim your life!

Are you tired of obsessing about food and your body image?

Do you hate riding the "dieting train" but feel unsure

you can accept your body as it is- without dieting?

Do you worry and stress over food, restrict or deprive yourself,

or stick to rigid rules about what you can and can't eat?


if you are nodding your head YES to any or all of these questions

I can show you how to Ditch the Diet

+ live the life you truly deserve, with absolute food freedom

Finding Food Freedom is an online course to help you heal your relationship with food. Stop feeling guilty after eating the foods you love and learn how to change the way you think and feel about food through this self-paced course with lessons, activities, and mindful meditations to help you discover your own unique path to food freedom!

If you're ready to commit to yourself and begin to create long-lasting change through food freedom, then you are in the right place!

I see you. I get you. I've been you.

You're not alone. We're in this together.

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your journey to better health begins here...

Dedicated to You

From personal development to personal growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the abundant life you’ve always dreamt of

I'm excited to get to know you! Be watching for a welcome letter from me- xo

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