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Jessi Marie, B.S. Health Sciences

🗸 Do you want to start feeling more healthy, but don't know where to start?
🗸 Are you feeling blocked, stuck, like you're not connecting with yourself?
🗸 Are you struggling with body image, weight, or just feeling sort of... meh?
🗸 Are you feeling unmotivated, un-inspired, or just plain unhappy?

1:1 Private Coaching

Not sure yet where you need to start on your health journey? Book your FREE Discovery session first + we will find out!

Let's zero in on the areas in which you are struggling the most. 

You deserve to feel grounded and connected to your authentic self.

My 1:1 coaching sessions can help you get clear direction and purpose for your life,

change your perspective and get your mindset right to set you up for an abundant and successful life!

With all packages you'll get:

- my commitment to your success!
- personalized support, inspiration + encouragement
- affirmations + meditations to keep you focused + centered
- self- care tips + activities
- my signature "That Plant Based Life" ebook to help get you started with a plant based lifestyle
- weekly inspirational emails + accountability from me

choose your package

Option 1
inspire me

- 1 coaching session

- quick tips to help you feel healthier

- how to ace your morning

- and all the above

*one time session via email or skype

- 3 coaching sessions

- how to create + maintain healthy new habits

- meal plan for 3 weeks w/shopping list

- and all the above

*3 coaching sessions via email or skype

Option 2

live well.

Option 3

mindset makeover

- 5 coaching sessions

- Reboot your mind! Stop Negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and self-hate.

Learn how to overcome the barriers that hold you back from reaching your true potential!

- and all the above

*5 coaching sessions via email or skype