Updated: Oct 31, 2018

I’ve learned that no matter how enthusiastic you are about getting on a meal plan, sometimes they are just plain tough to follow and stick to. Hey it’s normal. Life gets in the way. We get busy. Our kids get sick. We are running late and are rarely prepared no matter how adamant we were about “being prepared“.

The other thing I have learned about meal plans are…unless you are an athlete, they are mostly just not sustainable long-term for the normal, average, busy-on-the-go type of lifestyle most of us live. Most of us are not eating for ourselves but for our families; cooking large meals, eating out, eating on-the-run, and let’s be honest; there’s always someone having a birthday and we are not about to give  up cake.

That’s the truth.

Bottom line: If you want to eat better, things don’t have to get awkward.

Just think about what you are already eating and how you could make some small changes to make that a little better. This means making adjustments. Focus on the spectrum of quality foods rather than good and bad for you foods.

The thing about meal plans is that #1 they are hard and #2 they are restricting. Almost every diet plan is deficient in nutrients that we need such as Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Zinc, Calcium & Iodine. Other nutrients most diet plans lack include Magnesium, Omegas and Proteins!

Seriously tho. I’m all about promoting the “Eat Real Foods” plan. If it doesn’t fly, swim, or can be grown, don’t eat it.

You already have the skills and abilities to make changes. Creating these changes in the way you eat helps to manage healthy habits and puts you on a path to living life with purpose.

Experiment and transform your meal game. Listen to your body and give it the old “how’s that workn’ for ya test. If you’re feeling bad, no meal plan is going to work for you. The key to consistency when making changes is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Keep a food journal, grab a friend to keep you accountable, or talk to a coach.


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