The whole point of creating goals is to find a purpose in what we are trying to achieve. The purpose of a goal is not the goal itself, but who we become to achieve it.

There is no limit to the amount of passions that we can pursue, no life contract that you signed that states you are here to be this one way only with no room for improvement.

Ask yourself… what is it that you just can’t live with; or without? What is it that drives you?

What is it that gets under your skin so deeply that you can’t help but scream it out with hopes you make a difference? What are the situations, issues, experiences in your life that help you find your voice? What energizes you? What are you willing…or not willing to sacrifice in life?

It is most often times that your purpose is buried, deep within yourself, so you need to ask yourself these types of questions to help dig it up. The most important question I believe to ask yourself is what do you love to do? Aha! This here is the key to figuring out your purpose. Once you know what it is you love to do, you can start to apply your passions and unique skills to those goals you set in the beginning.

Begin to assemble your passion plan by figuring out your curiosities and aligning your thoughts to these. This will most likely lead you to your passion and purpose.


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