"Healthy" is this term relative?

If you can relate to me, I had often felt at times that I was doing everything right when it came to my health and the habits I work to form; but when I've reeled into a "funk", or when I've gotten sick and feel like life won't give me a break, I often became frustrated thinking.."I must not be doing it right, or i'm not doing enough, or I think, well this is working for that person". Next thing you know, you're unmotivated, un-inspired, and feeling disconnected. Being in a funk literally has the power to completely derail your health, your relationships, and is capable of limiting your growth and working against moving you forward in life.

But your "funk" won't last forever.

What I've learned is to pay attention to your body's response instead of just habitually following someone else's healthy habits. What one person defines as healthy may not hold the same for you.

Our bodies and metabolisms are all different, and the way our habits effect us all evoke a different response in our bodies. So bottom line here... your health depends on YOU.

Creating a healthy habit is however you view healthy. A healthy habit will nourish your metabolism & your body will respond positively to that habit.

If it's not doing that, listen to your body.

If the habit is not serving your well-being, listen to your body.

Whatever advice you follow should be also balanced with being in-tune with what your body needs to determine what is truly healthy for you.

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