Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Did you know that our brains are literally hardwired to identify our flaws?

This means our thoughts sort of get hijacked. When we speak negatively about ourselves to ourselves, these weaknesses become magnified. We start to feel what we say and think, we start to believe things about ourselves that isn’t true. Once you learn to recognize this- that your own dang mind lies to you, then you can start to take the power back that allows you to let go of


We are our own worst enemies, all the time. I promise you that no one is truly thinking of you the way that you think of yourself.

Stop telling yourself lies. Stop all the negative self-talk. You know you do it.

Stop telling yourself that you can’t. (You are a capable being)

Stop thinking you’re not good enough.

(You are more than enough. You wear a crown. You are a child of God)

All these little lies we tell ourselves start to become who we are.  Whether you say it out loud, or think it; your body hears it and acts out on it. Take some time and reflect on what you know to be true. Take the resentment you have over the negative thoughts you carry and turn them into purpose for your mind, your body, your overall wellness and your life.


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