Do you constantly struggle with achieving goals? Do you even know how to set them effectively? Do you feel your goals are too big for you to accomplish? Maybe you should think about setting a smaller goal first.

Let me explain…

I’m not suggesting that you can’t achieve any big goal you desire; but I am suggesting that individuals who tend to struggle with achieving goals can build more confidence by crushing their smaller goals first.

I read a really great article from Medical News Today that explains how your mind is the culprit of your shortcomings. Your mind is the one that needs convincing. Our brains are literally hardwired to identify our flaws, which really means, they sort of hijack our thoughts and latch a hold of our weaknesses + MAGNIFY them. Once you learn to recognize this- that your OWN DANG MIND is lying to you- then you can take your power BACK to let go of self-criticism, let go of your fears and all that is holding you back from achieving your goal.

It is most often times more difficult to start something than it is to keep doing something. It is hard to start that thing we want to do because we have a hard time changing. We don’t want to change our routine, we don’t want to get up earlier, we don’t want to break our habits, or add in anything new because we are uncertain about it.

We tend to choose those things that will lead us somewhere, that will produce that thing we want, so we need to be able to identify what we want our end result to be.

Choose a small action.

That smallest piece will get you going. What is the smallest thing that you can do today to set you up, get you going, get that ball rolling? If your goal is to lose 5 lbs…maybe you start with eating a healthy meal today; then maybe you eat two healthy meals today? Maybe then, you set another goal to eat healthy all week. Maybe the action you take is to get support. You feel like your mental health is suffering; maybe you seek support from a coach. Your goal is to write a story, a song, a blog?! Maybe the smallest action is to get the paper and pen out! Whatever the smallest action is, you do that. Look at each individual task, not just that big, booming goal you want to reach; and break it down into smaller actions.

Everyday you are choosing who you are and what you believe about yourself. You are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to, but you have to begin with a decision to do it.


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