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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Welcome to A Balanced Mind - jessi marie wellness & lifestyle coaching

When you do something new, or different than you are used to, a little coaching can be really helpful to keep you accountable, keep you moving forward, encourage + support you through your entire journey.

Wellness is about ‘knowing’ yourself + what makes you feel good. In order to have the ability to cultivate true wellness, your mindset should be focused around healthy choices.

When you achieve a health goal you have set for yourself, you begin to re-gain that level of confidence that maybe you started to lose when you first set out. When you hit an obstacle and didn’t understand how to overcome it, or when you met a roadblock and never learned to create a new path around it, a health coach can help get you back on track. This confidence you start to re-gain will ignite that fire in your soul. That fire will motivate you to chase down your dreams.

There is wealth found in living a high-quality life. Wellness improvement is all about becoming that very best version of yourself.

My passion is to help you live an active, healthy life

+ to help you re-discover your authentic self

I integrate intuitive eating w/nutrition therapy to facilitate more meaningful behavior changes. By helping to identify the driving forces behind your eating behaviors, I work to guide clients to regain trust in their own bodies again and cultivate food freedom with a non-diet approach to wellness. I use a holistic approach in my coaching that includes aspects of mindset work, nutrition, mindfulness and gentle movement.

Let me guide you though your own unique journey to better wellness.

In THE VAULT, you can find FREE health resources including e-books, free wellness programs,my bi-weekly newsletter, and 7 day- Healthy Habit email series!

Check out THE VAULT on my site and sign up for free access

If you want more 1:1 focused coaching, I offer 1:1 services. Take the FREE Discovery Assessment- I'll respond to you with my suggestions on what steps to take next. If we decide that working 1:1 together is a good fit, then we can discuss session package options. These vary from 1 session to working together in 3 or 6 mos increments.

-xo jessi

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