Whatever you practice at you WILL inevitably improve.

Consistency is the key to all progress made in every aspect of your life. I think the thing that hinders our consistency is what we are most focused on. Instead of focusing on the outcome, try focusing on the PROCESS instead.

Start with defining your plan by identifying what you want your outcome to be, then determine your why. Your why is a crucial piece to your plan. Your why is what is going to keep you motivated to the finish, and the whole rationalization of your purpose.

You will refer back to your why multiple times throughout your journey.

Next, set goals, attainable small goals that work to get you towards your outcome. What is it that you are going to do. What processes will you need to go through?

Be PRESENT in your life. This means being completely engaged in each task. You do this by minimizing your distractions.

We are not here to merely exist, we have a purpose. We are here now. We need to love ourselves so much more.


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