Stress-less/Mind-Body Connection

Spiritual aspects of healing will guide you back to your authentic self.

Get more in-tune with your mind/body needs in this 7 week self-directed program with email support & private fb group accountability/support 

The Stress-less/Mind-Body wellness program will deliver
1 lesson a week where you will learn about:
  • stress
  • creating healthy boundaries
  • how to quiet your inner critic and reduce negative self talk
  • forgiveness
  • self care
  • how to add physical activity to your routine
  • how to eat for better gut health
You'll also get:
  • Gut Healthy Recipes
  • Self-Care Starter Kit
  • Low-Impact Cardio/Strength training routine
  • Access to my private FB support group
  • Email support + weekly check-ins
  • Plus, activities + a workbook that challenge you to dive deep within yourself to gain better clarity and understanding on how stress impacts all areas of your wellness & will help you to manage that stress to improve your overall well-being!

let's tackle your stress + balance your mind so you can get back to,