i'm jessi

I want you to feel...amazing, beautiful, confident & living your best life

This is YOUR body, YOUR health, YOUR life!

You deserve to be in control of it


oh hey, beautiful babe...

I'm jessi.

Fitness junkie. Health enthusiast. Motivator. Wellness advocate. Mom & so much more! I have been passionate about fitness & improving my overall wellness for over a decade! Through my own journey to improving my health, I have also picked up a love for helping others overcome their own struggles while moving through their own wellness journey. 

I've had my share of struggles too. In 2012, I suffered a severe Ischemic Stroke. A stroke? Can you even believe it? I wasn't even 30. I spent 3 days in a Boston, MA. intensive care unit, and 5 days in recovery; plus multiple physical and speech therapy sessions, along with some counseling for mild depression.


I almost died. The Dr's said that if it wasn't for my healthy lifestyle I would have most likely died, or at least had some serious brain damage. I count my blessings, everyday.

It has been through my struggle that I have been able to find my passion... and my health

Everything changed when I decided to educate myself + go back to school. I began to view my health from a new perspective, a different lens. I took a leap and began a new health journey that led me to graduate with a BS in Health & Wellness and to pursue additional education as a Wellness Coach. As your coach, I work as your own personal guide to help you reach your health + wellness goals! I can help you make gradual and sustainable changes that work to create immeasurable growth, immense progress, and a complete renovation of your lifestyle that will improve your overall well-being. I am always learning something new and extending my knowledge through constant education. I want to be your support, your guidance, your knowledge, and your biggest cheerleader! Let me help you to transform your health and happiness so you can truly fall in love with yourself and your life!

Health looks different on every body. However that looks & feels for you, I really want to help you live your happiest, most healthy life!

stay beautiful ♥

-xoxo jessi